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A well-mannered dog can be the difference between chaos and calm. 

Most dog owners underestimate what their dogs are capable of. When there is a lack of trust, the relationship between you and your dog can deteriorate. When you don't trust your dog and make all of his/her decisions for them, what happens when you are not there? We can help!


The term "obedience" has traditionally been defined as walking nicely on a leash and following commands such as sit, stay, down, come, and stand. All of these elements are essential tools to have. 


We believe that life skills are just as important. Can you take your dog to a public event and still enjoy yourself? Do you dread going to the vet? Can visitors come over without your dog jumping on them?  

It is never too early—or too late—to start training. Puppies are cute, as well as impressionable. The younger dogs are when training begins, the faster they learn and the easier it gets as they mature. No matter what age your dog is, he or she has the capacity for learning. Rescues often need some sort of rehabilitation, and since they can't tell us their history, we have to figure it out together.

We host obedience/life skills/manners classes on a regular basis. Private lessons are also available at the training facility or in your home.

Contact us for more information on details and schedule.