Photo Credit K. B. MOORE

Disc dog is more than meets the eye! 
This team sport is SO much fun—for you and your dog!

Not only does your dog need to enjoy retrieving, but YOU need to know how to throw a catchable disc. These skills are not difficult to develop in the average human or dog. Disc dog is an amazing way to develop an off-leash relationship with your dog. The game continues with YOUR involvement, which builds value in focusing on you and ignoring distractions. 

We teach the importance of throwing a disc to your dog so they can catch safely, or warming up your dog before a practice or competition. Bad takeoffs and landings can lead to career-ending injuries, but modifications to your throw, timing, disc type/size, equipment, etc. can improve your scores and overall performance.


Consult HomeGrown for more insight on how to strengthen your disc dog team.

HomeGrown represents the Baltimore team 
in the K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch league.
A team consists of a dog and a handler. Each dog and handler pair contributes to the "Baltimore" team.
Everyone's scores are cumulative, and handicap points are assigned by past proven ability. The handicap system keeps the league fun yet competitive. We all contribute, so the atmosphere is super positive with lots of cheering! 
Check out 
tossandfetch.com for more info.