Introduction to Agility

This is where the fun begins! Over 5 weeks, we will safely introduce your dog to all agility equipment. We utilize positive reinforcement methods with treats and/or toys. By the end of the session you will be learning beginning handling skills to navigate your dog through short sequences. This is a wonderful class for a timid or shy dog. Navigating the equipment builds confidence and strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

Minimum requirements: Basic obedience. Sit, stay, and recall are helpful;
we will refine these skills in class as well.

Introduction Part 2

About 95% of Introduction to Agility graduates continue on to Introduction
Part 2! This is where we take your current achievement level and the chemistry of the group and begin to customize the class to fit individual dog and handler needs. Your dog is now comfortable with the equipment, and you can begin to understand the basics of navigating him/her through the sequences safely and smoothly—working comfortably on both sides of the handler.

We pride ourselves on offering classes that are challenging but fun.

Session lasts 6 weeks.

Intermediate Agility

This is where we advance the nuances of dog and handler becoming more of a team on the course. We incorporate basic handling moves and build on what we have already learned. We strategize about how to best handle the course with your dog. We also develop specific criteria for obstacle performance and solidify your dog's performance of independent weave poles. Learn to hone skills like handling your dog at a distance and building and controlling speed. Simply having fun is always in the curriculum!

Session lasts 6 weeks.

Competition Agility

Competition-level agility is where we delve into the details of what to expect when competing. Even if you just enjoy the challenge with your dog, this class is for you! We perform exercises that prepare for competition-level courses and games, but there is never any pressure. We will continually implement training methods to improve the balance between obstacle and handler focus with your dog. Camaraderie at this level ramps up as we critique, cheer, and support one another!  

Session lasts 6 weeks.

Private Lessons

Classes not for you or your dog? Private lessons are available and can be customized to your specific skill level. Take your time addressing current issues, training in a different environment, working on other equipment, and experimenting with various methods—even split a private lesson with a friend! Video analyzations are also possible. 

Whether your objective is to boost your trophy cabinet or simply have fun with your dog, HomeGrown DogSports can guide you. We take enormous pride in offering classes that will exceed your expectations.


Since our classes are customized, pricing and actual session dates may vary.

If you have already participated in agility at another location and are looking for something different at any level, we can accommodate you.  Schedule a "tryout" so we can match you with the best-fit class for your schedule and skill level.