I am thrilled that HomeGrown continues to thrive when we have not advertised in years. 
Word of mouth has taken us further than we ever imagined.  

Agility, Obedience, Frisbee, Boarding...


It is all about fun!


We first contacted Sally when our springer spaniel Grace was just a puppy and a real handful. Sally came to the house to meet Grace, and right off the bat, said, "This dog needs to learn to play and needs a job to do!"

Sally gave us several games and exercises to try and was full of helpful training tips. She was absolutely correct: once Grace had lots of play and activity options, she really started to shape up. Sally suggested we try some agility classes. She started us in a basic class at her house. Grace was okay with the various pieces of equipment, but was WAY more interested in the other dogs and just generally running and playing.

After several weeks with Sally's guidance, Grace turned out to be really good at agility, and loves it to this day—she even won an unofficial blue ribbon! It not only gives her something to do and gives her plenty of exercise, it's really helped us with discipline and training.

Grace also stays at Sally's when we are away. All we have to do is say Sally's name, and Grace's ears perk up and she runs to the door. When we pick her up to come home, she cries. Not too great on our egos, but we never worry for a second when Grace stays at Camp Sally. Grace just loves the other dogs, the playtime, and the baby pool!

Chris and Glen Thomas

I contacted Sally to help train my Golden-doodle rescue, Dillon. I was not successful with training my previous lab mix, and suffered the consequences his entire life with bad behavior and running away. I was determined not to go through that again. I told Sally I wanted a dog that knew how to behave in all situations so I could take him anywhere.

We started with private obedience training and an incredibly comprehensive list of things I needed to do to achieve my goals. Dillon is a very high-energy dog. Sally quickly identified that he would only respond successfully to training after exercise. Swimming, bike riding, and hiking wereand still area part of our daily regime. Sally worked on training while Dillon stayed at her home as a guest dog (and continues to do so). Dillon and I participate in agility training, and while we will never compete, the behavioral benefits have been incredible. Sally made sure I understood that training is an ongoing adventure, and helped me integrate training opportunities into my daily routine.

Sally helped me achieve my goal. Dillon is a pleasurean easily managed companion and a very happy, healthy, and well-adjusted canine buddy. I continually receive compliments on his behavior. Our success is all because of Sally. Her expertise and insights in all aspects of dog training and behavior have been outstanding. Beyond all that, she is a wonderful personfun to work with, and a dedicated partner in making your dog all that you want it to be!

Susan Hlavin

We never knew how different herding dogs were from "regular dogs." Having had numerous dogs over the years, four years ago we decided we couldn't live without an Australian Shepherd. Bella was always sweet with a great temperament, but she was independent, dominant, and smart. After two early training classes and two years of frustration, we were almost ready to return her to the breeder.

I contacted Sally and explained our frustration with Bella's independent behavior. She immediately got Bella into a beginning agility class, and the rest is history. Sally helped us learn to work with our herding dog and channel her energy in a positive way. Now Bella is an absolute joy. Her behavior and ability to concentrate and follow commands is wonderful. Sally trains the handler as well as the dog.

Sally is patient and supportive and works well with people of all ages. We have been working with Sally for several years and strongly recommend her to anyone seeking to create a close working relationship with their dog.

Terri Bonsall

We just can’t thank you enough for coming to our home! Sunny is a new dog! In just one week’s time, our lives have changed for the (way) better. Our walks have been super enjoyable, my back and shoulder say thank you, and the TOUCH command is so effective it’s crazy! Sunny is testing his limits for sure by running into the neighbor's yard, but when he hears that word, he is running right back. We will continue to perfect that with time, but it is truly amazing what you have done for us. Thank you. I have told many people about how wonderful our experience was; we are grateful.    

Thanks again,

Leigh, David, Duncan, Dean, and Sunny