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May there be comfort in knowing
that someone so special
will never be forgotten...

Sally Gaver Zinkhan

February 12, 1970 - June 26, 2022



You have likely landed on this page because you searched for local dog training in the Baltimore area.

Sally Zinkhan was a top K9 instructor in our area for
many years. Sadly, Sally passed away in June of 2022,
at the age of 52, from a prolonged heart-related illness.


Her dog training business has been dissolved as
we take some time for ourselves to heal. We have turned this into a memorial site for her and HomeGrown Dog Sports so the legacy will always be remembered.

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Sally was born and raised in Phoenix, Maryland. From a very young age, she loved animals! Sally would ride and show horses nearly every weekend, and she always had many pets.

She initially began doing K9 flyball and agility with some of her dogs: two Corgis, "Fletcher" and "Minnie." Her passion for dog sports only grew from there, and in 2007, Sally began her own K9 training business—HomeGrown Dog Sports.

​Her business quickly grew and she added many classes as word spread about her work—offering agility classes and obedience lessons every week for years. 

Sally loved going to trials all over the East Coast, competing and getting her students involved as well. She had a long list of achievements with many of her dogs in agility, flyball, disc, dock diving, and more!

   •  2010 & 2011 Skyhoundz Disc Pairs Freestyle World
       Championship with Frank Buckland

   •  2012 & 2014 Skyhoundz Disc World MicroDog
       Women's Class & 2012 Unlimited Plastic Women's Class

Sally and HomeGrown Dog Sports fostered many wonderful friendships, as this was one of her greatest gifts- bringing humans and dogs together! She will be forever missed.


HOMEGROWn Dog sports

Our mission:
At HomeGrown Dog Sports, our goal is to strengthen the bond between you and your dog through low-pressure,
high-reward companion sports. Building confidence in your dog and reinforcing his/her trust in you is key
to a great relationship. Whether you enroll in a class for fun or strive to reach the competition level in the future,
we hope HomeGrown is the right place for you.

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